Opes Fidelio Conference 2022

by | Oct 2, 2023


Nearly 40 members of Aisa International’s advisor network, Opes Fidelio, met in Amsterdam in October 2022. The company organizes an annual conference to bring members and product providers together to share updates and best practices in the world of professional investment portfolio management and cross-border financial planning.

Attendees overcame the logistical challenges of the Amsterdam Marathon blocking transportation avenues as well as an influx of people arriving for a concert. The advisors prevailed and held a productive meeting with their peers and colleagues.

The conference began by introducing a new internal communications tool. Then, an overview of the global economic outlook and how it related to Aisa International’s managed investments was presented. Essential cross-border advice directed at EU – UK concerns were covered.

The conference concluded with presentations and discussions with new partners LGT Wealth Management and Novia Global and the ESG Funds joint venture.

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Susan Austin

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