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As your investment portfolio managers, we’ll create your personal financial plan to eliminate your fears and increase your optimism for your future. There is a world of financial possibilities, but only one of you.

Aisa International, as part of Aisa Group, is based in Prague, Czech Republic, where we serve UK and US expats and Czech citizens. Having accumulated operationally over 25 years of investment experience and with £750 million in assets under management, our global investment and insurance services cater to those embracing expatriate status due to their jobs, lifestyles, or for tax and retirement planning.

Our unique standing as Securities Traders regulated by four authorities across the Czech Republic, US, and UK gives us the distinct advantage of customising investment portfolios based on our clients’ specific goals, risk tolerance, and personal circumstances.

Your custom portfolio can include your current assets, as well as new opportunities, any of which can be located in the EU, US, or the UK.

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Fiduciary Services for
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Aisa International provides US resources and capabilities with a localized financial presence in the EU, resulting in stronger fiscal results for expatriate investors looking to maximize overseas portfolios.

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Aisa International provides British resources and capabilities with the advantage of a local presence, resulting in better results for our expatriate clients.

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Create a Comprehensive, Well-Managed Investment Strategy

We believe that a well-balanced portfolio is both the best way to make long-term gains, as well as the best hedge against the risks that are always present in today’s tumultuous global markets. We apply a steady, disciplined approach based on Portfolio Theory to structure financial investments such that there are allocations to both risky assets with higher returns and safer assets with lower, but more stable gains.

Choose a Team Who Can Manage All Your Investment Assets

As an expat, you can have an array of retirement funds, pensions, savings, government benefits, investments, and income from your home country. Now, you’re faced with the taxes, income, and regulations of a second country. We’re experts in organizing every aspect for your benefit.

Aisa International is a unique investment portfolio manager specialising in financial advice for expats and is regulated in the EU, UK, and US.

OpesFidelio Wealth & Asset Management

Our mission is to provide guidance to you, our clients, on your financial investments in order to achieve your goals, and to do this as a full securities investment portfolio manager.

Our unique position allows us to create custom portfolios tailored to investors’ goals, risk tolerance, and personal circumstances using assets located in the EU, USA, and UK.

We offer both discretionary and advisory investment services and have the necessary experience, qualifications, tax knowledge, and regulatory licenses to provide guidance to expatriates both locally and across the EU.

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