Financial Planning for UK Expats

Expert UK Expat – EU Wealth Management Solution

Aisa International, as part of the Aisa Group, provides a global investment and insurance service for UK expats spanning two continents, regulated by four authorities. Having accumulated operationally over 25 years of experience and with £750 million in assets under management, our global investment and insurance service caters to those embracing expatriate lifestyles due to their jobs, or for tax and retirement planning.

Our team, strategically positioned in 20 countries across the UK, Europe and the USA, specialises in addressing the unique needs and requirements of our clients specifically UK expatriates. With our extensive expertise as investment advisers and financial planners, coupled with our in-depth tax knowledge and regulatory licenses, we are equipped to provide expert guidance to UK expats throughout the cross-border EU landscape.

Our UK expat clients benefit from Aisa International’s roots in the UK and the FCA licence held there. We have a thorough knowledge of UK pensions, overseas transfers, tax considerations, and wealth management for generations of UK citizens and expats.

When added to vetted worldwide opportunities, UK expat investors are rewarded with the balance, security, and growth of a professionally managed, globally enhanced, custom portfolio.

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Wealth Management

Our wealth management service, OpesFidelio, is based on FCA requirements in the UK. We use the latest technology, investment research, and low-cost platforms that you are used to as a UK expat.

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Investment Management

Our investment management advisors are Securities Traders and Portfolio Managers in the European Union. Additionally, our British team builds successful portfolios, doing so consistently for over 15 years.

Together, the UK and the EU side combine to make a formidable partnership that is dual-regulated, knowledgeable, and experienced.


We believe that a well-balanced portfolio is, first, the best way to make long-term gains. And, second, the best hedge against the risks that are always present in today’s tumultuous global markets.

We apply a steady, disciplined approach based on Portfolio Theory. Your investments are structured so that there are allocations to both risky assets with higher returns and safer assets with lower, but more stable gains.

How Will We Help You?

UK expat investors have an advantage with Aisa International over other companies. We hold all the necessary investment, pension, and insurance licences for both the UK and the EU. Uniquely for the EU, we also have the terms of business with all the providers, whether it be ISA companies, pension companies, or investment companies. For that reason, we can provide advice on all of your current pensions and investments.

Additionally, we do not need to move your assets needlessly (at great cost in some cases) which is the default position for nearly all EU advice firms in this market. We are also uniquely able to provide defined benefit pension advice and portfolio management as we are one of the few securities traders with this permission within the EU. Be wary of any firm advising UK expats within the EU that offer portfolio management. Indeed, you must check with the regulator to determine if they are authorised to do so.

Most of the advisers we have are dual regulated, meaning we hold UK FCA licences to advise from a UK regulated firm as well as EU Investment licences (MiFID). We also hold European Financial Planning Association (European Financial Planner) bridging exams for tax and regulations.


The chances of you talking to anyone else in, for example, the Czech Republic who is regulated and qualified to level 6 Chartered UK level, as well as being qualified portfolio investment managers in Europe. are practically zero. Unless you are talking to an OpesFidelio wealth manager of course!

Further, we are multiple award winners and these are not the usual marketing and client service awards. Our advice companies hold over 40 awards across several different organisations. The awards come from famous enterprises, such as the Financial Times, through to newer entities like International Investment.

In 2022 we were finalists in both the prestigious UK Moneyfacts awards and Money Management awards. Both of these are  highly regarded within the UK and many top British advisers seek to hold one of these awards. Furthermore, while we may have won a lot of awards, we are proud to have been finalists almost 100 times.

What Makes Us Different?

There are two types of “experts”. First, many traveling financial advisers are not actually licensed, regulated or authorized to issue investment advice in the European Union. They often do not know about local tax implications and complex banking regulations in many EU countries.

Second, they may be local insurance-based advisers touting themselves as wealth managers with no European investment qualifications. These people have no ability to trade in securities in any EU member state.

Therefore, this inability to consider both sides, the UK side and the European side, means that UK expats do not receive quality, joined up advice.

As a UK expat working overseas, you have a wide variety of domestic and foreign investment options at your fingertips. However, you must work with a firm that can fully access all those options for you.

We focus on avoiding tax-inefficient investments that may conflict with European market options and identifying the most tax-efficient options in the EU or UK market.

What UK Expats Should Consider When Choosing Your Adviser.

Investments such as ordinary pensions or trust investments are often just ignored by EU-based advisers. Their focus is solely on the sale of an insurance product designed to generate commission with no consideration of suitability or the effects of tax. Therefore, we implement a 5-point plan just for you.

Your 5-point Plan

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1. Discover your true objective and where your tax reporting point will be in the future. (e.g. where do you plan to access investments and possibly retire).
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2. Understand how the tax implications from both sides interact and help you make the right decision for you as an individual.
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3. Confirm that your chosen adviser is appropriately qualified, and ideally an expert in both UK and European investments.
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4. Provide access to a tax expert who may be able to support you that would sit alongside any investment advice (we do not provide the actual tax advice, nor returns).
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5. Formulate your plan so that your comprehensive portfolio and investments are invested in the most efficient way and according to your risk profile and objectives.

Aisa International is a unique investment portfolio manager specialising in advice for expats and is regulated in the EU, UK, and US.