OpesFidelio Wealth & Asset Management

Empowering Your Financial Planning

OpesFidelio wealth managers and advisers, as part of the Aisa Group, are the advisers who provide Aisa International’s clients with financial planning and wealth management services, according to the extensive oversight required under EU MiFID II regulations.

Our OpesFidelio advisers specialise in addressing the unique needs and requirements of our expatriate and international clients throughout the cross-border EU landscape.

UK and US clients benefit from our advisers’ extensive expertise in investment and financial planning, as well as our in-depth tax knowledge and regulatory licenses. We leverage our strengths to offer comprehensive solutions tailored to the diverse financial challenges our clients may encounter.

Wealth Managers

Wealth Managers, also known as Wealth & Asset Management firms, construct the investment plans that every serious investor requires. OpesFidelio Wealth Managers use the latest digital FinTech. Investors benefit from the reduced cost and increased efficiency of having their own online dashboards.

Many people consider expensive Private Banking the only way to achieve Wealth Management. The OpesFidelio Wealth Managers are regulated and are able to offer the latest in research, platforms, and transparency.

Addtionally, when wanted, investors receive socially responsible portfolio management from an independent company at a fraction of the cost of Private Banking.

Shaping Change with Industry Expertise

We help you re-think everything from pricing and Advisory Investment Management through to full Discretionary Portfolio Management utilising ourselves or a range of other DFM propositions (Discretionary Fund Managers).

Depending on your assets, your goals and your needs, OpesFidelio Wealth Managers will guide you towards the most appropriate asset management solution, and due to out independence, we can listen to your own preferences on who to work with.

We bring critical questions into focus, which lead to bolder same-risk strategies, simplified operations and sustainable growth. Our understanding of current trends, good and bad, allows us to shift the discussion from reacting to change to helping shape change.

Our mission is to provide guidance to you, our clients, on your financial investments in order to achieve your goals. We do this as a full securities investment portfolio manager.

The Pursuit of Our Performance

OpesFidelio Wealth Managers don’t just build a portfolio. We take a holistic, global, yet personalised approach to assessing your needs, which allows us to provide you with long-term, bespoke solutions.

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Our Mission

We believe it should not matter which country you live in, as to the service and outcome of your advice. Undoubtedly, every expatriate deserves really good and affordable financial advice, in a clear and easy to understandable way.

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The Outcome

We will become your long-term, supportive, and trusted advisor. We aim to meet your goals and will tell you when you are goals are unachievable at present, or if you need to consider making changes. Ultimately, we want to help you have the knowledge and confidence to know your future is secure.

What We Offer

OpesFidelio Wealth Managers have been providing independent financial advice to expats for a number of years. Our consultants are trained and qualified in the UK or the US and understand these, and countries in the European Union. For example in France, we are bilingual but all of the paperwork we send you will be in English. In Spain, we have Spanish speaking advisers.

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Investment and Financial Planning

We organise your wealth to support your needs and goals, both now and in the future. To this end, we run in-depth wealth diagnostics in order to manage your liquid assets and measure the growth in your wealth over time.

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Pension Provision

We advise you on setting up pension provisions which fit with the management of your broader financial assets. By integrating the management of your pension provision with your other assets, we can mitigate your overall tax liability and plan for the long term.

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We help ensure you have a smooth transition of wealth from one generation to the next. It is important to organise lifetime gifts, consider wills, and identify and implement the right succession planning vehicle. We ensure that your wealth is structured around your objectives. All legal and tax implications of where you live, and where your intended beneficiaries live, will be considered. Often beneficiaries and where they live is not taken into account.

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Tax Returns

We can recommend tax advisors in most countries or for cross-border considerations. Whilst we are not tax advisers ourselves, we do understand after 25 years of cross-border advice, the implications of certain investment and pension setups and how they should be structured. We can work with your own tax advisers as well, and together, we provide you with general information to support you in understanding and anticipating your tax liabilities.

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If you’re thinking about moving, we help you identify any personal, legal, and tax issues that may arise, so that you can make the most informed decisions. If you do decide to relocate, we’ll structure your assets according to the prevailing rules and laws in both jurisdictions of departure and arrival.

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Fiduciary and Trust Services

We can often help you create and administer legal entities (companies, partnerships, not-for-profit entities or other structures) and trusts. We do this through cooperation with other third parties and with external stakeholders. If you prefer, we can simply point you in the right direction to obtain what you are seeking.

Aisa International is a unique investment portfolio manager specialising in advice for expats and is regulated in the EU, UK, and US.