2024 Investment Update – Quarter 1

by | Jul 3, 2024

Current Investment Update

The 2024 investment Update, Q1, shows that much of the work the committee did last year has paid off. With investment returns not only positive for the last few months, but also annual figures returning to positive, we are pleased that we have outperformed many of our immediate competitors.

However, we cannot take praise without recognising that we are beholden to the markets which continue to be volatile. In the 2024 Investment Update, we consider that geopolitics in 2024 plays a larger role than at any time in history with around 65% of the world’s population voting for leadership changes; a first in the history of democracy…

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    Post written by:

    James Pearcy-Caldwell

    James founded and runs Aisa with an emphasis on a pro-client and transparent approach. He is always looking for the most suitable solution for the benefit of the client. He has been in the field of investment advice since 1998, and therefore fully understands the necessity of open communication and honesty. James is certified in many financial areas in several countries and also holds the most prestigious European certificate in investment planning EFP (European Financial Planner).

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